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I still feel pretty young. I have that youthful exuberance as I’m pondering how to change the library’s website here at work. I’ve been given the task and responsibility and the power to change it all. How far should I go? How much should I change? Should I learn Javascript and use some of that for scroll-down menus? Should I just keep the design simple, and spice it up with CSS? I do have limits placed by the college at large, as they don’t want to change too much of the general design….should I just keep it basic for now and change it later on? It is pretty exciting. I do enjoy my job… I’ve gotta go do it. 🙂


Hello Everybody, this blog is about my profession, where I would like to jot down my thoughts and ideas on my job and improving the library world. I don’t know how often I will keep this updated, but I figured I should at least get it started. 🙂