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Over the weekend I struggled long and hard trying to figure out just how to make PHP and MySQL work on my computer. I pored over two books I had on the subject, and zillions of relevant websites. Finally I figured out that Unix lingo on the Terminal and some PHP on Dreamweaver. I’m trying to learn these two very lucrative languages. There is much money to be made with such knowledge. Well, I spent so much time on them that both these past two nights, I dreamt about PHP and MySQL. I distinctively remember dreaming about the various codes jumping off the page with my mind saying, “yes this will work. This will make it work, if you go like this and this and this.” I love that my mind, my subconscious takes control at night to try and figure out what I can’t during the day. But it’s also a bit disturbing. Who else dreams about computer programming code?!?!?!


So it has been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. I’ve redesigned the library’s website and have had good comments to this point. I didn’t use Javascript (except for the rollover images), but stuck to a simple design and format.

On the side, I’m working on my own website for a freelance web-designer job, which I hope will be up and running soon. The site is up with a generic design, Daniel Dubei’s Designs. I hope to have the official design up by the weekend. This will be good for some extra money, and if it becomes successful, maybe make it the real job, and we can go live anywhere in the world we want. 🙂

I still feel pretty young. I have that youthful exuberance as I’m pondering how to change the library’s website here at work. I’ve been given the task and responsibility and the power to change it all. How far should I go? How much should I change? Should I learn Javascript and use some of that for scroll-down menus? Should I just keep the design simple, and spice it up with CSS? I do have limits placed by the college at large, as they don’t want to change too much of the general design….should I just keep it basic for now and change it later on? It is pretty exciting. I do enjoy my job… I’ve gotta go do it. 🙂